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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

random thoughts

I think I'm going to 'quit' this blog. I don't find that much to say these days. Especially not anything very exciting. Not that anything is 'wrong' I'm just busy and happily not spending near the time 'blogging' as I once was.

I am trying to also keep my creative blog more up to date -

might be back, might not be soon ;)

Monday, August 04, 2008

camping NIGHTMARE!

We had a HORRIBLE! camping adventure. My dh is a VERY relaxed, easy-going kinda guy and he even ripped the guy at the camping place!

the run down: -Knights Beach (aka -NIGHTMARE Beach!)
-WAY overpriced ($147 for 2 nights)
- "campsites" = aka -an open free for all FIELD! We were told each picnic table is considered a "site"
-Family camping -NOT! more like Trailer Park boys!!! People were camping on top of people, there was a domestic dispute with VERY colourful language until 4am!!!
-4-wheeler/Atv's riding around ALL HOURS!
-radio's competing with each other LOUD -even until 4am
-guy smoking crack pipe right out in plain view Need I really say more?

then it rained/lightening and thundered. Like Steve said - that was the LEAST of our worries! The last that Steve looked at the time it was 4:45am and I burried my head into my pillow (my back was KILLING me!) and then the rain started to leak through our tent and onto my head! SERIOUSLY! We got up at 6:45am and by 7:30 we were packed up and ready to leave. We complained and got a full refund! (thankfully!) and they have STIFF policy of NO REFUNDS / RAINouts etc. I do NOT recomment this place to ANYoNE! we stayed over at my inlaws Sat. night (they live on the lakeshore of lake Erie) -maybe 20min. drive from the NightMare Beach campground. Then we came home last night ahhhhh!!