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Thursday, November 29, 2007

where's Heidi

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Day I have been hearing, "where's Heidi?" -she's at the vet! Last night we took our big dog to the vet to get spayed and her annual needles/rabies etc. After we dropped her off we went to the TSC store -tractor supply company- and were looking at EVERYTHING - Dawson wants a remote control John Deere tractor for Christmas ~any guesses how much $$ ?? what do you think? maybe $50? $75? gasp!!! $100??? nope! a whopping $200!!!!!! can you believe it? hello??? you cannot SIT on nor in the thing... I mean it *is* a very large TOY, but it's a TOY! whether for boys or men.. it's still a toy! :sigh: I bluntly told Dawson how much it was and the look on his face was enough. He might only be 5 1/2 yrs old, and not fully understand the value of money, but he sure knows that he won't be getting *THAT* for Christmas! :(
So I've been drilling him for other ideas... I think he'd be happy with pretty much anything, he's very easy going. {thank goodness} And Ally is heading the similar way ...
I'm heading out in the morning to go shopping with my mom, we are going to stay overnight in hopes of feeling a bit of R&R. The hotel has a pool but I'm planning to bring some scrappy/card making stuff just to fool around with, since we plan to shop all day and then enjoy the hotel :)
I have some tidying to do here, and then I'm going to pack and do a happy jig! :D
I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the "cousins"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

our newest news

Steve and I are a brand spankin' new Uncle and Aunt :) My brother in law, well technically his wife... also named Jenn... had a baby girl the other night. I don't remember ALL the details. I know that they named her Samantha & she was 5 lbs 6 oz... I am hoping that we get to see her VERY soon!!!
Yesterday my dad joined me on, Mission: take the kiddo's to see SANTA! what a job ~ Ally was all gung-ho until we were face to face and then the brakes came on like a screaming HALT! I plunked her on his knee and the look of TERROR came over her face. Dawson was right there nearly breaking his other knee. She bawled 2 pictures she looked pitiful. So we hung around chit-chatting, hoping that perhaps we'd have luck... NOPE! I put her on the rocking horse -this girl LOVES horses of ALL kinds- there was NO WAY she was going to smile... and the tears flowed again. I got them to go ahead and print that one, even tho it looks somewhat rediculous, there is NO WAY she'll go back again, and it will definitely be a funny thing to look back on! :)
It has taken me hours to get this far and multiple *SAVE NOW* presses... so before this ends up in cyberspace, I'd better get it posted!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

my newest *aDvEnTuRe*

ok, I'll have to finally announce this at some point...
{and I know Ann wants to be put out of her misery!} LOL ;)

my newest adventure has been.........RUNNING! yup, I'm going to start running! why? you ask? it's something that I have been wanting to do for a while now, and I finally have my mindset that I'm going to DO IT! I have started out walking, and have done so 3 days in a row now. I'm feeling really good about it and oddly enough everyday still have the urge! LOL

So ya that's the new "hobby", oh and we've kinda been eating better. Why wait til the new year? I say, if you want to do it now then you should! I have pretty good control when it comes to eating, so that's not really an issue for me, excercise on the other hand ... need I say more?

It's snowing here today -and icy and really looking like winter. I need some new boots!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


ok, I know you're thinking -what else is new? -I'm ALWAYS having issues! :P
but this time it's issues with feeling torn away from scrapbooking -eeek!!!
I have not scrapbooked a page (aka layout) since I think August/September! that is just wRoNG. If there was a punishment for this or if it was my job I'd be fiReD. :guLp:

Ally has become a CLING on and then on top of that has found herself a cold! UGH, a whiney cling on...

Today is my dh's birthday -not one picture was taken, not one cake was made.. and the only food we ate he cooked. I'm feeling extremely rotten about it, and the crap part I haven't an ounce of energy to 'fix' it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

not much doin'

hey ...

still alive, just busy, will blog again sooner or later!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

first day of SNOW!

It's actually kinda late this year, but it officially snowed here at our house today. Of course it's melting as it touches the ground but it's so pretty :)

So today I am working on scrappy-paper crafts :D

~wishing Allykins would go to BED -she's tired!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

our anniversary

Yesterday Steve and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We married on the exact day Nov. 6th of our first date 6 years later.
So what do you do for an 8th anniversary? well, want to know what *WE* did? ;)
Steve booked the day off from work-
1st -I got up and got Dawson off to school
next I returned home and attempted to go back to bed -Ally decided otherwise. So we got up and went out for breakfast. Then Steve asked what we should do and ASSumed I wanted to go shopping... we seldom EVER go shopping together and I actually dislike shopping with him. He likes to go get what he needs/wants and then leave and GO HOME. :sigh: :P
anyway -so we went to this $1buck store and spent nearly $30! on JUNK! he *LOVES* that place. Me --not so much. Then we went to Wal-Mart... yeee-freakin--haw! What did I get? -a headache! did I mention that I dislike shopping with him and/or our kids? :snicker: they are EVIL and have not picked up on shopping lessons.
So we got home and it was COLD outside raining and snowing in some areas near us. I asked Steve to go fetch Dawson :evil grin: Ally really *was* sleeping! So then we ordered up some pizza & wings -oooh the romance eh? :chortle:
I took off to the LSS to blow through my gift certificate... I ended up selling $110.50 worth of stuff and so I bought the bind it all :D and some other goodies.
So 14 years since our first date, 8 years of wedding bliss, a card? nope! a gift? nope. BUT! we are SO richly blessed. We have good health {I think? reminds me I have to call the dr.!!} we have 2 beautiful {evil} rugrats ;) and FINALLY our own house!!!! :D
I'm very happy :) even tho' some moods tell me otherwise -darn voices!

Monday, November 05, 2007

calling dr. FRUIT FLY!

Ever since a friend of ours, we'll call him DR. Fruit Fly, came to visit we have been invaded by these buggers! Hey Scott, if you're reading this, would you mind dropping by again I think you forgot your pets...

I was able to get the basement a little more organized and my scrappy area is totally tidy and so much so that I don't want to mess it up ~LoL~

oh and it's HIGHLY likely I'll own a bind it all by weeks end!! :D I didn't think I ~wanted~ one but after taking my second book making class I know now that I NEED one! ;)

Friday, November 02, 2007

i'm IT ...are you?

I've been tagged by Ginnifer http://sunnydayscrapper.blogspot.com/
-haven't done these in a while- apparently there are RULES now ;)

Here are the rules which must be posted on your blog if you are tagged:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blog.

so let's see...

1. I MUST drink coffee in the morning or I can not function properly.
2. I have a sticky-tape fettish... I even *steal* banana stickers!!
3. I hate to be hot in the summer, but I love to be warm and cozy in the winter.
4. I have a VERY green thumb.
6. I probably feed my CAG (congo african grey) Parrot better than myself.
7. Somedays I want to just be FREE -from everything!

well, now are YOU it?

and YOU didn't think YOU would get away with NOT being tagged did YOU?

I'm excited! -don't know why....

I feel good today. I'm not sure if it's b/c I have my family all here at home with me, even tho we all have a touch of a cold -and dh has the *SIF* however I just feel happy. :)

Halloween went alright, I'm thankful that our kids don't really have that greedy NEED more thing going on. I think it's good and I hope it continues as they grow older. Dawson was just as happy to hand out candy and of course Ally just really didn't have a clue. She didn't nap that day and was SO tired. Once I put her in her costume she took 2 reese's pb cups and went to the neighbours house, walked in took off her shoes, costume and decided to plunk down to watch Transformers. It was pretty funny. We pried her out and sent her out for some treatin'. Steve took them along with another neighbour/friend and their little girl who dressed up as the cutest little skunk. {picture time}

1st pic: our jackolanterns
2nd our little tricker treaters
3rd Ally's "daytime" halloween sweater
Then I have a couple of cutie pie pictures of Ally from yesterday ~
She loves this bird like nothing else! EVERYDAY she gets her out and tries to handle her, this is the same bird (Dusty) that was an anti-socialite!
and here's a picture of my Pearly Girl ;)