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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years Eve DAY!

It seems I'm ALWAYS anxious. If It's not about one things it's something else...
I truly am the epitomy of PATHETIC! :P

Dawson fell asleep last night before supper it was before 5:30pm!! needless to say of course he was wide eyed and bushy tailed at 5am today ~nice! to top that Steve stayed up after I went to bed and then of course our little "DARLING" was up all night too! It's no freakin' wonder I'm mentally unstable... sheesh!

So I haven't shared any pictures since I got the new camera!

not really a lot to share... but here are a couple one of Ally and one of Heidi...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

last day before the last day of 2006

I'm going mental...I'll spare you most of the details, but Dawson is driving me nuts!

I think I need to get to the dr. I feel like I'm enraged with anger at times... it's scary.

Our children are EVIL sleepers... I can see Ally's excuse as she is cutting a 'big girl' tooth, but Dawson... there is just NO excuse. Needless to say lack of sleep does NOT help my moodiness either.


Friday, December 29, 2006

one of my CRAZY cousins

Omg! my cousin Trev is on YOUTUBE! ACK!!! I was expecting something totally off the wall, but it's just silly....

Although perhaps SINGING might not be his calling but, he has ALWAYS been awesome in the 'entertainment' dept.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

now what?

ok, so it's over! I mean it's really {FINALLY} over... now what? ;)

SHOPPING!!!! that's what! yipeeee!! I got a few gc to go shopping. Those are definitely the BEST gift if you don't know what to get someone. I LOVE to shop... I love finding stuff that I *heart* on sale :) The only thing I don't like is that they seem to be burning in my wallet. I know that they're there... just yearning to come out and be used. I just would prefer to wait to find the "RIGHT" thing to spend them on, rather than just "stuff". I need to get some paper for my ~new~ printer {drool} so I'll be scoping out walmart to see if they have the kinda I'm looking for. (and I have a gc for WM) I'm really not sure WHAT I want in the sb dept. so I'm contemplating waiting off to go there. I have that inner feeling that if I go and "blow" it on junk, I'll regret it!

Anyway... I'm babbling... AGAIN! :P

eta: I forgot to mention that I'm going [ABSOLUTELY] mental, on a package of bears that seems to have gone to timbucktoo ... I'm really freaking out b/c it was a LOT of work/time/finger polking ::sigh:: I'm really not happy with the postal system right now.
I'm working on a little something "special" I don't want to spill tho ;)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

WoooHooo!! :)

it's OVER! ....wait, no I lied. It's not over...YET! one more to go... sigh, this is just insane. I'm SO ready for it to be OVER! I just want to stay home and play with all my new "toys" of course then go shopping maybe tomorrow or Thursday ;)
We have 1 last gathering today... but right now Ally is napping -I think- and Steve and Dawson went out for some boxing day shopping deals/sales. They didn't want to be IN the rush so they waited til after lunch :)

anyway, it is QUIET and instead of playing, I think I'm going to go loaf on the couch -I'm tired.

I finally got Heidi on the leash. I wandered around with her just in the yard first, then we ventured up the road a bit and then back. She did quite well for her first time on the leash. I forgot to bring treats, so hopefully next time will be even better. Steve's picking up some Nutro (max?) dog food today. She had "issues" with the Performatrin, so we changed her to Nutram -still having issues- not quite as bad but still... So we had GREAT success with Daisy on Nutro -I don't know why I didn't just get it in the first place! ~duh~

anyway, just babbling... and I have to fiddle around with my camera some more -it's BAD for redeye :( even with the redeye feature ON it still looks like the people have red lasers in their pupils. "LASERS" ;)

Monday, December 25, 2006


k, we're 2 down and 3 to go! YES I'm serious... We have Christmas out the ying yang this year, it really is CRAZY!

We had a delicious turkey supper with my mom yesterday, and did the gift exchange thing (including her bf, my sister and her 3 kids too) it was a pretty good day all in all.
Today we did the "pickin's" thing with Steve's mom and dad and brother and his wife. It was GREAT I wish we did this every year with them -it just seems to work out SO much better and no where near the hustle and bustle. We seem to always end up in a rush on Christmas morning and it REALLY is NOT fun!

Steve got a new monitor (he keeps saying that *I* got a new monitor) WHATever! :P

I'm looking forward to tomorrow -I just LOVE the kids expressions on Christmas.

Merry Christmas!! and may all the Blessings of the season bring love and peace to you and yours!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


it's HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's here!!!!!! :D I'm on TOP of the WORLD!

MY CAMERA!!!!! and it is SMOKIN! I am totally in love!!!!! ~thank you for all your help Shannon!!!! I love you girl!~ ok and Horhey too! ;)

I still have to do some reading about all it's capabilities, so I don't have any cute little kiddo pictures to share, and the one of the tree, well... I'd rather take one of it lit up ;)

so I have to mention -just for my own sake I guess... that the bump on my neck is hurting in a burning pain, and seems to be getting a little bigger :(

not much else going on right now... just extactic about my CAMERA!!!! :D

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I am SO freakin' DONE! I'm done shopping, I'm done with EVERYTHING! I have a headache the size of a football field! I want to just FREAK on everyone :sigh: ~at least I'm done THE shopping.

I have a bump on the back of my neck, it hurts a LOT. Steve says it looks like it might just be a pimple but it feels a LOT worse than that! -maybe an ingrown hair? I don't know but it feels like it's getting bigger, about 1/2 the size of a marble. It really hurts.

I just feel in a 'ranty' kinda mood...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

makes no difference...

I often say that I'm going to go to bed "early". I have been known to fall asleep right after tucking the kiddo's into bed. Well, lately I've been trying to spend a bit less time at the computer especially in the evenings so as that I can spend more time with my darling :D
I'm famous for feeling and saying, "I'm TIRED!" Everyone is constantly telling me to go to bed earlier... WELL, I do! and last night was a prime example of why that doesn't work.

I crashed with Dawson -in my bed we were 'watching' a Muppet Christmas Carol. Ally was in her bed and Steve was doing whatever -downstairs-. So I woke up to Dawson coughing which of course leads to the GAG and then the BARF! -ugh! I HATE that he's a puker. It's frustrating. So after that fiascal was under control I ended up in his bed until he fell asleep. I don't remember going to my own bed, but I know I did. Not long after Ally awoke, I got her back to sleep... then she woke a second time ....I'm telling you, I don't even think my days really END, they just go from one to the next all in a blur....

Dawson is driving me mental as I'm trying to just be half human right now. I HATE it when he bugs me.

Monday, December 18, 2006

less than a week!

Are you finished your shopping? Gifts all wrapped up? ready for the festivities? ....got the ibuprofen stocked up?

I'm SO close to being finished shopping I can taste it! I have about 2 things left to get and I'm DONE! Dawson is being incredibly difficult this year and claims he wants "NOTHING" ...hello? the kid is FOUR! what 4 year old wants nothing? I went and got him mostly clothes and a couple John Deere diecast collectibles. But Santa hasn't a CLUE what to leave for him...

Of course Ally on the other hand was easy as pie! I can shop for her NO PROBLEM! :D it's fun! I know she's going to likely have more fun "with the box" but whatever :P

So we finally got our tree -yes, it's FAKE! :( how depressing LOL it's our first FAKE tree... but it seems so perfect for this year. We watched Elf last night and tonight we had Dawson's school Christmas Concert -so they are still up- we're watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. It's funny b/c I remember watching the same movie when I was little and we were commenting that it was "old" then! ;)

I'm still struggling with Heidi. I'm going to have to really figure out what works to get her to stop nipping us and jumping on us. I have had so much advice I want to just SCREAM! And of course nothing is working and lemme guess, "I'm not doing it right" ~WHATEVER!

ok, back to the fam :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

a mini post

I feel like absolute CRAP! I'm not contagious, I am not ill. But I feel like I have been hit by a bus!

thankfully it's friday and Steve is on his way home.

maybe I'll post more later.. I had planned to go on and on about my 'adventure' last night but I just don't feel like it right now.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

happy happy joy joy!!!

...:::happy dance:::...

I'm getting a new camera!!! :D I can't WAIT! I can't even begin to count the NUMEROUS times that I have 'needed' a camera and haven't been able to shoot! :( it's crazy, EVERY scrapbookers nightmare! I can't WAIT to play!!!
~thank you for fixing me up Shannon, you and Geo ROCK!!~

I think my foot is ok. Of course it would figure that as soon as I took ibuprofen for a painful mouth the pains in my foot went away!! I have an appt. today but I'm just going to cancel it. I positive that it's fine, must have just been some inflammation or something.

I'm feeling super giddy today, I'm not sure why. Our house is a disaster! It is SO bad that I can't even BEGIN to know where to start to tiddy. And I cannot do it alone! I will tiddy one area and then 2 more will become worse than they were before. but you know what, today I just don't even give a crap! :D The one thing that *IS* bugging me is the Heidi.. I am SICK of puppyhood!!!!! she's driving everyone bonkers. I just want her to outgrow the "stupid" stage, kwim?
I'm not sure if I feel like being adventurous today or just to stay home and attempt to clean. hmmm.....

Monday, December 11, 2006

just another manic monday...

Not really manic... but it IS monday!

Dawson is in school and I think Ally and I might go shopping -not sure yet tho' she's napping right now :)

Our house is a DISASTER and I don't think I can clean it all up alone. Everytime I even attempt to clean/tidy nobody even gives a darn and it's all messed up faster than I cleaned it! [argh!]

I need a camera SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly. I have missed so many photo ops.

not sure if I mentioned... my foot is aching BADLY! Last week Heidi sort of tripped me while I was gathering wood and well, it's been hurting ever since. Even just to do nothing it throbs but I can't just 'sit around' and how do you explain how badly your foot hurts to a 1 year old, 4 year old, 3 month old puppy and a 32 year old husband??? they just don't GET IT! so life goes on.
I wonder if I can get x-rays just to be able to answer the "is it broken?" question. I doubt that it's broken, but I wouldn't be surprised if something is cracked or the like. It's in a fairly big area of my instep -like from my heel to about midway towards my toes and from top to bottom. maybe I'll call today... maybe! :P

Saturday, December 09, 2006

it's been a while

I know that I haven't written for a few days... and I keep thinking 'I gotta blog!' and I've just been too tired to do it. And I have surrendered a LOT of computer time to Steve to work on blueprints etc. Please continue to pray for us re: house.

Aside from that... Life does still go on. Dawson only had 1 day of school this past week, and I was quite pleased that he actually was pretty good - as good as I could possibly expect him to be. We had wintery weather and he enjoyed playing outside. We've been trying to get the shopping done and man what a task that has been. I don't particularily enjoy shopping ALONE, but if my option is alone or with kids, I'll go alone!! I actually did do a day of alone shopping and it was WEIRD! Found myself talking to strangers :P LOL

Today we're going to visit some friends of ours that unfortunately we only get to see a couple times a year... once we have our house/life under control I can't WAIT to entertain more often. I really want to get back into my 'usual' self. The self that loves to cook, bake and decorate :)
Somedays I feel so encouraged and then of course just have to look around this place and BAM! back on go the depressed shoes ~let me guess, "this too shall pass" ~ {eyeroll}

So do you know what you get when you have 2 adorable little munchkins a furball of a puppy and no camera?
give up?

you get SO many freaking "kodak" moments you want to scream!!! I can't even begin to explain how badly I need a camera. I found the one I want, it's a canon A540 but it is quite considerably cheaper in the USA so I'm hoping to get somebody to go with me so I can go GET ONE!!! I'm talking like $169 vs. $299 ...of course not to mention that I'd love to do some other shopping too :)

ok, so now I'm babbling... I have been fartin' around with some christmas cards here this morning, so far... a WHOPPING 2 done!!! LOL
Ally has been napping for I think like 3 hours now -yes she's still breathing.. .YES I checked :P

Sunday, December 03, 2006

where do I begin????

well, let's head back to friday for a moment...

I just HAD to comment to Steve about how low the lake was, I don't think I had seen it *THAT* low before, well talk about the "calm" before the storm! We had massive winds [not hurricane obviously] but still when you live at the lake you are always on the lookout. The water started to rise... higher, and higher.... then later I noticed it was starting to splash up onto the breakwall and then over the wall. It's nasty but seen it like that few times in the past, so not exactly a reason to worry. WELL! next thing I know the water is starting to REALLY come OVER the wall and creating a small puddle in the south east corner..that "puddle" grew into a pool and then the lake was literally AT our back door! I could not let the dogs out and the water was coming in around the door. That was around the time that our woodpile also washed out.

I have more to say but I have to go take care of kids and make supper....I'll edit later ;)

K, here's MORE of the story...

~so my mother in law came down and was convinced that the sunroom was going to be 'washed away' and that we'd be safer to stay at their house. So I figured sure, why not. I got a bit of a hand with the kiddo's and I got to scrapbook :)
Not to mention the dogs were able go outside without have to swim to land to take a pee. Oh did I mention that *I* was out in the water a couple times and it was FRIGID! there were a few things in the yard that needed to be 'rescued' aka Tonka Trucks!

So the water washed out parts of our road and 1/4-1/3 of our wood is now REstacked in a different spot. We had 5-6 cords of wood! talk about totally pissed off...
Dawson asked today "why do you think God sent such a storm?" ...to which I replied, "I guess he just wanted to clean up a bit".
Steve did majority of the work, but I tried to help him as much as I could. I think sometimes I get a little hard on myself seeing him doing so much and I'm "just" making supper, taking care of the kids, tidying up... It was kinda funny b/c I was out there helping for about an hour on and off and didn't he restack EVERY piece of wood that I piled up???? LOL -talk about anal eh? apparently there is a particular way to stack wood. sigh... so thankfully we have a portion of wood in the back room, in the wood box, on the porch and on the back "deck".

Thankfully tomorrow is a new day! :)

The kids and I are going to see Santa Claus and when you ask Ally what does Santa say she'll say "ho ho ho ho ho ho" it's cute! Then I think we'll go have a coffee and muffin with my grandma. I really haven't been to happy with the kids these days for shopping so I will probably refrain from doing any of *THAT*!

I have a good dent into the shopping, but still seems like I have a TON to do.

Friday, December 01, 2006

found a camera...found a camera...

....found a CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMERA last night, last night I found a camera, found a camera last night! didn't buy it, didn't buy it, didn't BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUY it last night, last night I didn't buy it didn't buy it last night. LOL :P

I'm tired...

I looked at and held a couple different camera's yesterday at Sears. The sales guy was a moron, so I totally had fun with his little brain! :P ~I *heart* bugging people* LOL so anyway, I was looking at a panasonic lumix and there it was $300 so what does buddy do? points me to a sony that was "on sale" for $158 (uh? ok???) I am still not really SOLD on a specific one yet, but I do have a pretty clear idea what I'm looking for, and of course I want it for an AMAZING price ;)

I had a very strange day yesterday. First like the dedicated scrapbooker that I am, I went to the my favorite scrap store the Memory Keeper and picked some BLING!!!! woooh, I really dig this stuff... it's perfect! So I got 2 of every colour, except for the colour they ran out of.
While I was there, 2 firetrucks came roaring in. NOW, before you start laughing AT me :P It is a HUGE event to see/hear firetrucks where I live. It's not exactly an every day occurance. HECK we can go for MONTHS without seeing/hearing them! -and I'm not exaggerating one bit. So they were at the pharmacy a couple stores down from the scrap store. I then ventured on to the mall... it sure is overwhelming. I wish I had somebody with me to just chit chat with. I mostly found/bought clothes for the kids. I also went to Toys R Us and got Ally the TJ Bearytales. I was pretty tired out... I met up with Steve and we went to a rather quaint little italian restaraunt for supper it's a place you don't really want to bring kids -all the food is homemade and totally delicious- you do wait for it tho ;) their STUFFED pizza takes 1/2 hour just to cook!!!! I had spinach manicotti and steve had mixed (meat/cheese) ravioli. I barely finished my meal and started to feel incredibly nauseated. We left and went home. I sure didn't feel like driving let alone in the POURING rain.

Anyway, today I'm going to loaf and do pretty much nadda! :)

OH! and can you believe... 24 days til Christmas???? ~happy December 1st~