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Thursday, August 31, 2006

he shoots... HE SCORES!

Steve had a recreational /exhibition soccer game today after work. The kids and I went and watched him play. He scored a goal!! I was surprised he didn't pass out from exhaustion... har har

I have a blasting headache, so this is going to be VERY short.

Dawson had a great time with my dad yesterday/today. I think sometimes he just gets so wrapped up in "gramma maggie" he forgets that he has other grandparents! ~of course this frustrates me!

I went shopping again today {GULP!} I started CHRISTMAS shopping! 8| can you believe it?

*yawn* going to hit the hay soon!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

guess I better blog eh?

I took Dawson to school today for the "first riders" program. He'll be taking a big yellow bus to school, so they want the kids to know how to behave etc. He thought it was fun! :) I'm glad too, so then we went shopping ...

bought clothes for their build a bear, bears (eye roll) and then I got Dawson a couple pair of pants. I went to the 2nd time around (Once Upon a Child) to find some goodies for Ally ... I *heart* that place! then we came home...

I'm pretty boring, maybe that's why I feel bored today.

Oh, but I forgot to mention Dawson is having a sleepover at my dad's tonight!! :D (wooohoo!)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Not sure what I'm doing today... We need to get some groceries, not exactly my favorite thing to do with the kids. As long as I have a list tho' it should be ok. I feel like creating, but I have to go and get my stuff from cousin Jen. I'll probably blog more later...

well, it's a bit later... I can't get a hold of Jen, it figures b/c I'm just itching to do some cards/stamping/ and scrapbooking! sigh... ok, later ;)

Monday, August 28, 2006

my mind is racing

yup! my mind is racing, I'm not quite sure where it's going, but it's in a hurry for Monday to be over apparently. I think the coffee I had tonight wasn't "mostly decaf" but I'm tired nonetheless.
We started ladies bible study this evening, we're going to be study from a book called "Furnishings of a Christian Home". I am hoping to try a LOT harder to get on top of things in my life and first and formost if my priorities are straight, nothing else will make sense, right? ;)

So I plan to continue the ladies class -it's only once a month. As well as our congregational wednesday evening bible study, and starting Sept. 21st, I'm planning to attend another study with ladies called -'coffee break'- how fitting ;) I really feel the drive to put God first in my life and then everything else will fit... rather than the other way around.

On another note, I have Dawson's school schedule sorted out, that was a relief! This week he'll go and learn about school bus safety and rules. Next week he goes for an "interview" with the teacher. Which somewhat annoys me! I think that at this young age, labeling the kids hardly seems fair.. but I guess that's what they're going to do :( ...when the time comes we will homeschool! For now I'll just forsee it as a break and some 1 on 1 time with Ally. She is going to miss him. It's so incredibly sweet watching them together. He is like dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, with her tho'.

g'night! :)

guess what day it is.....

Let's see, so far Ally has been climbing up the couch and in a flash bumped her head -hard! :(
then she dumped my coffee, she wouldn't eat her breakfast... Dawson thinks I should be doing any/everything he wants but NOW, not in a minute, but NOW!

So I have had 1 good cup of coffee, and it's MONDAY MORNING! :|

this day can ONLY get better... *yawn* Did I mention Ally is a dreamer? She seems to dream OUTLOUD. I can hear every little peep, which of course is crappy as I NEED sleep! oh well...

I have to call the school today, seems apparent that although I registered Dawson to start, I haven't gotten a single stitch of information. Weird!

My stings are still driving me mental...they are SUPER itchy and burning, and well just annoying!

Ally is in "solitary confinement" (aka-playpen) I decided that maybe she'd be safer in there, even tho' she thinks otherwise.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Saturday -We spent the day at Marineland. What a fun place! There seemed to be a lot of people there but the park is so spread out that it didn't feel crowded. Even lines for rides weren't that bad. The 2 main thrill rides -Sky Screamer & Dragon Mountain (that Steve went on) he said were surprisingly without a wait.

I'm SO thankful that Dawson likes rides.. he even wanted to go on the rides that he was too short for!! I'm not a ride lover, although I will tolerate them once in a while. I do like the rides that you get wet on, on a hot day! ;) While they were on one ride, I sat on a park bench and fed Ally. Next thing you know I got stung by a yellow jacket! :( MAN that FREAKED me out! I don't remember the last time I had such a panic attack, and the PAIN!

We got to watch the sea lion, dolphin and walrus show twice, and we saw pretty much EVERYTHING the park had to offer (except the elk and buffalo) I think the killer whales were totally amazing, and the bears, I could definitely sit and watch them all day.

I'll attach a couple picture. I think we're going to make an effort to go again next year. It was fun!

Catch-UP -friday aug 25

wow!! I didn't turn on the pc for TWO days!!! LoL

let's see... Friday- the kids and I went to the city with Steve, dropped him off at work and went and picked up my dad. Had breakfast and went shopping. I didn't buy much just a couple of shirts for Dawson. Then we went to Ikea. I haven't been there in years!! -or it felt like years anyway.
I really could have spent a LOT more time in there, and money!! I ended up buying Ally a duvet cover that is crib-mattress size. I have to go back tho' to get the duvet. I couldn't decide between 2 covers that I wanted and of course after buying the one, now I'm pretty convinced I want the other one instead...it's always the way isn't it? Maybe next time I'll go without the kiddo's and with more money to spend ;)
I went out to 'cousin Jens' for the evening suppose to scrapbook, but I went with card making intentions instead. I was incredibly tired, and only got 2 cards made.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

guess what?

I'm TIRED! ~Dawson spent the day with G'ma Maggie and Ally and I hung out with my mom. It was a very pleasant day... until I started getting a headache.

I gotta go chat... I have the giggles! :D


I swear my kids are trying to kill me! WHY??? why does Ally think it's FUN to wake up in the night? then after spending 2/3 of the night awake, she wakes up before the sun... And of course looking SO DARN CUTE!
...sigh... so she's been up an hour and a half now and is ready for a nap.
~what a life!

So my mom is coming out to visit us today, we haven't seen her in a couple weeks. She's out truck driving -not exactly something I'd care to do, but hey, whatever floats your boat!
I look forward to seeing her I hope it's a good visit. Sometimes we don't see eye to eye.

There is a pesky mosquito in here somewhere, and it bit the top of my right hand, MAN it's itchy. Ally is sitting here trying to put Steve's sock on her foot. Last night Dawson was SO good, he tidied up the whole livingroom without being prompted at all. Steve and I were just sitting in the kitchen after supper. We've been talking a bit more and I actually feel like I *might* be interesting to him. {imagine that!}

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

remember *hump* day?

I'm trying to think of 1 good thing to say today, OH!! I know I got good mail!

I'm tired tho and really wish I could have some time to myself. I can't even go to the washroom without being bugged, climbed on or left alone. It sure would be nice to have somebody come along and just say, "Hey I'll watch the kids for you go do whatever you feel like doing!" I know {dreamland} even right now, my milli-second is now over!

edited b/c apparently my fingers typed more letters than words require!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

man I *HATE* mornings!

why is it that mornings have to suck SO bad? I hate mornings.

Of course it's the time of day that I feel the absolute least ambitious to do ANYTHING! when I wake up, it's about 99.8% of the time due to the kiddo's... it's all I can do to scramble myself to the coffee pot and hook up my IV...and then I'm still tired, just not quite so cranky.

Ally does go back down for a nap about an hour after she wakes up, why can't she just SLEEP longer?? ahh...
Oh, and Dawson is quite happy to zone into tube land or play while I wake up more. It's actually a perfect time to scrapbook, except I'm zombified.

ok, enough b*tching... getting on with the day ;)

Monday, August 21, 2006

...is monday over yet?

Man why of all days does Monday seem to last the longest?

I took the kids out geocaching today, I think it's now out of my system for a while. We parked in the wrong (read-WAY too far) location. Then we tried again later, eventually found it.

Steve got home a bit late tonight and I astonded myself.. I got the kids both bathed and put to bed before he got home!! woohooo!!! I was even in the shower when he got home.

well, nothing going on, I'm going to load my pictures from our hike.

it's monday...

Here we are a new week... *yawn*

I sure wish Ally would sleep ALL night. I even went to bed relatively early and I'm STILL tired. we need a motto for moms ~GOT COffee?~

Looks like a gorgeous day, maybe I'll drag my lazy butt outside and do something...

ah heck, who am I kidding! :P

I don't have anything to say right now, imagine THAT?!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I *heart* Cowboys

I wanted to make a mini tin-album and thought what better a subject than one of my favorite things... COWBOYS! :D

Well... what'dya think?

geocaching what an adventure!

We took on our first geocaching adventure yesterday. We found 2 in Turkey Point, ON. to look for. The first one we thought we'd better pick an easy one. It wasn't too bad, it was a little more off the beaten path than we thought it would be but still a total adrenaline rush looking for it. It was WAY too buggy for our liking. The second one even warned us that it would be more challenging but we thought we'd give it a go... I personally would NOT have done that one without Steve. It was VERY hilly and the gound was mostly sand. I can't believe I didn't have the camera
Our GPS handheld was off by 15m on the first cache, but the second one was only off by 3m. I can't wait to go again, however, I think we'll go back to sticking with easy ones when the kids are with us ;)

If you are wondering WHAT on earth I'm even blogging about have a look. www.geocaching.com
I can best describe it as "hiking with a goal" or as Dawson calls it "treasure hunting". Either way it's really something we enjoy as a family!! yah!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

bears...BeArS? BEARS!

I don't have very many just laying around... but here are a few ;)

*this guy is just under 3"

*this guy is 4" and made from mohair his head is wobbly (yes on purpose!)

*this guy is 4-1/2"

Completely designed and handsewn by me! *Ü*

I do take orders
email me As for my price guide $10 per inch min. 3" max. 6" Bears made from mohair is an additonal $10 (regardless the size)

Minimum size being 3" and maximum 6" Larger bears *might* be a possibility.

Picture time...

Hey, what did you expect? I'm literally behind the camera every time!

I just made some chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm!

~I'm kinda bored, y'know, a million things to do and not wanting to do a single one. We are planning to go out geocaching tomorrow... hopefully the weather is reliable. I think I'm going to go create for a while... or maybe have a nap? hmm...

my new *aDvEnTuRe*

Well, I am going to put my self and efforts to the test! it is my goal not only to check/read email everyday but I'm also going to be 'blogging' everyday too! {think I can manage?} we'll see...

I should probably give you a bit of a bio...

  • I'm a sahm to 2 rugrats -Dawson who is 4 and will be going to school (jr. K) in a couple weeks {and as much as I love this kid he really is driving me NUTS!} -Ally is 11 months and man is she a chatterbox! She has been *chattering* since they suctioned her out after birth. ~you might think I'm kidding, but the funny part is... I'm not!
  • I'm a wife to Steve ~highschool sweeties and all that crap! We've been together since I was 17 (he was 18) and we married in 1999.
  • I'm creative so I let myself dibble into all sorts of STUFF... I scrapbook -mostly pictures of the kids, make cards -trying to get the word out that I sell them too!, sewing -I'm a self taught teddy bear artist miniatures mostly nowadays and of course time and paitience permitting, I also enjoy dibbling into knitting and crocheting periodically but haven't ACTUALLY finished more than a couple pair of slippers and afghans <--weird word! I've also tried my hand in painting of course I enjoy that immensely but need time and money for it, neither of which I have... and last but not least PHOTOGRAPHY! I am a picture taking junky... I need a new camera tho ;)

The babe is beckoning... I'll get back to this later ;)

~this is turning into a short novel! Eeek!! oh well, it's my blog and I'll type if I want to ;)

So wanna know more about ME?

some things that bug me:

  • people! people that are mean more specifically.
  • I can't stand drunk people that talk too much... and repeat themselves
  • when I forget what I'm talking about 1/2 way thru a conversation
  • when dh ignores me while I'm talking to him
  • my ds when I give him ALL my time and then I try to steal a moment for ME and he's right up my back BUGGING me! *I can't even go 'potty' alone! ...sigh...

{there sure isn't a lot for this section}

Well, enough of that! so I'm going to try to figure out more of what I can with decorating my blog...