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Sunday, September 30, 2007

our livingroom is SANS carpet!!!!

Yipppeeeee!!! we found burried treasure under the carpet in our livingroom... gorgeous hardwood floors! :D -ok they need some repair- but mostly spots not the ENTIRE floor. There are no definite wear marks and it makes our livingroom look AWESOME! I'll take pictures and post them later. So I have been busy moving furniture around, pulling carpet out, tidying and purging toys it's been a *VERY* productive weekend. I'm actually almost ready to have people stop by without feeling embarassed!
Sure there is still messes of "stuff" but I'm ALL about stuff... and I think I'll never change :P

I'm just really happy that our house is starting to look like we actually give a care! :D

The kids were away since Friday and Steve worked on the 'new' door pretty well all day Saturday while I did ~NOTHING~ I'm totally not kidding either, bad eh? ;) it was GREAT!

Tomorrow we're hoping to pick apples. I have a hankering for a DEEP dish apple pie ::::drool:::: and apple butter - probably sauce too!

I'm also hoping to get to Ikea one day soon in hopes of finding a few things to store some of my STUFF in ;)

I was hoping Steve would move the computer for me tonight -hmm... maybe I should go bug him ;)

Monday, September 24, 2007

still haven't decided...

~Firstly, I want to say thanks to all of you for your .02ยข I REALLY enjoy your input and it's definitely helped me to think from different angles :) thank you!! ~

my latest enthusiasm is something that is TOTALLY addicting! {EEEk!} I've ACTUALLY been using up some of my paper stash -what a great feeling :D and I can say that I NEED more paper -well, ok not REALLY but I have noticed that there are colours that I don't have! :(

-hard to believe I NEED more solid cardstock-
so here are some of my recent creations from a pattern that I got from some friends on About.com/scrapbooking (thanks Neith and Lynn) :D

the first 2 sets (brown/blue & brown/pink) are my minds eye -Bohemia papers, the 3rd set (purple/green) is Stampin' Up paper

<---sorry it's sideways, you'll have to turn your monitor or your head! ;)

I'm planning to make a bunch more of these -they are SO incredibly addictive!!! I want to make some with more embellies -I also have a Christmas set that I don't like so I didn't post that one.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

making decisions about making decisions

That's what I'm up to these days. I've been thinking of some ideas lately, of course all to make money. I need to figure out which path is the best for me to follow right now... there are a few things that I want to pay for and would really like to feel a bit more comfortable financially. I've thought of asking or mentioning to the one neighbour about babysitting -right now they have child care but it's far from home and work for each of them. I also have pondered the idea of applying at Tim Horton's... I'm not sure that the one right near our place is hiring and I wouldn't want to be far from home... of course Steve is NO help in this matter at all. He is looking at it from the *BiggeR* picture and wonders how I will be able to manage. He is partly right, but I think he is also trying to protect me too much. I told him if it didn't work out... then I'd have to give it up. I can't see the child care option not working out... the little girl and Ally would surely have fun together. And it wouldn't be M-F due to shift work etc.
that's what I've been up to ;)

Monday, September 17, 2007

at it again!

well, I don't even remember what my post from yesterday was about at this point now. I know that I am *FUMING* today. My boiling point came about 3:00pm. I totally thought it was fine that Steve and Phil went out biking yeserday -ALL day. I'm glad that he went and had GREAT weather blah blah blah... however, TODAY I was not-so-happy that they were going out again. I was secretly hoping that Steve would have decided that he wanted to spend time with us... HA! who was *I* kidding {rolls eyes} I think I'm bitchy, that's all there is to it. And since I am here with the kids day and night... I'm entitled to be BITCHY if I want!
So yesterday {before bitchiness set in} I felt like being a fun mom and took the kids to this aviary/park in Westdale. The volunteers are only there 1-4 on Sundays so we left and then returned. We got to see some gorgeous feathered friends. I can't remember all their names tho...

'Dwight' the macaw
Jessie the Umbrella Cockatoo

Sunday, September 16, 2007


blogger just ate my ENTIRE post and I'm not about to repost now! :P

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My baby is TWO!

HaPPY BiRthDay to my little Ally

Last night before going to bed, Dawson commented that "tomorrow Ally will be able to talk, right mom?" I was like, "huh?" he said, "well, she's going to be 2 so then she's going to talk ....like we do!" funny. She has her own language, and since I've been the one around her most *I* can figure out majority of what she's trying to say, but man, some things... WOAH! we have noooooooooooooo idea... For the longest time she'd call Dawson, 'D' then it became, 'dahdee', then 'dahs' then 'bruddy' and now it's either 'bruthy' or 'Dawston' :D it's so cute!
Today we didn't do much for her birthday, but we did have Steve's parents over and his dad helped him put a door in the place of a window in our dining room, so we can now access our backyard from the house!!! :D
We are having a party for her on Saturday. Tonight we had his parents stay for supper and then we had the neighbours over (Jen, Dan & Tori) and we indulged in DAIRY QUEEN cake!! yum... it was SO yummy. Saturday I'll be baking a cake :)

...and geez, I KNEW I shouldn't have said anything! I just need Dawson to enjoy school, I need him to look forward to playing with other kids his own age. Today he cried after school and at bedtime told me a handful of reasons why he just can't go to school tomorrow -and of course it just breaks my heart to force him to go. ~my poor little buddy~ He said he really likes his teacher, but so far just isn't making friends. He also told me that there are "BAD" boys in his class... {rolling eyes} like he's an angel? ;) lOl

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

change is good....I hope!

I got an unusual call today ~from Dawson's teacher! Apparently they are having to start a new class as there are just far too many jk/sk this year. The option was ours, however we felt that it would likely do him good to be switched to the SK only class. He has always socialized better with kids that are older than him, so hopefully being in a class with kids his own age will [help?] we'll find out I guess. The only sort of crappy thing is that the days are switching. I was REALLY liking the Mon/Wed alt. Fri schedule, and now it's Tues/Thurs alt. Fri... I hope that going 2 days in a row don't burn him out. I remember last year it did... and GUESS who got to deal with him!?
Day 2 for me now without a headache!!! I'm nearly tempted to celebrate... but I won't, yet!
I got into the ATC craze {thanks S!} and have amazed myself that I have kept up with ALL of the swaps -so far- I think I am in about 6? I can't remember. I have 2 to be mailed out and 1 to complete yet.
My baby will be turning 2 on Thursday! eeeeeeeeeek! We're having some family/friends over for cake in the evening, and then we're having the ones that can't make it, over on Saturday -if you are one of these family members or friends that *SHOULD* have gotten the invites that I didn't get mailed out... please email or phone me to let me know if you want to come over! ~I am the WORLD's WORSE hostess!~

Monday, September 10, 2007


Dawson had his second day of school today... and it went.... GOOD! :D

I was VERY relieved! I think he was too. He doesn't say much, but you can certainly see from his actions and SMILES that it was good.

{dang dog! -I'll be right back} ...and she didn't even *NEED* out! grrr...

So nothing is really new. I'm still having these INCREDIBLY annoying headaches :( Thankfully I was spared today, but the day is not over yet!

Friday, September 07, 2007

wasted day!

yup! we wasted the day away - kinda...

Steve did come home early {surprisingly} he often says this and then doesn't. Ally and I waited for him to get home to have lunch with him. He made us his version of chicken shwarma's whatever it was it was delicious! He is SUCH an amazing cook ~invents a lot of really good stuff~
Turns out Dawson did not have a very good first day. I'm not exactly sure why or what went wrong ~ the teacher gave the implication that there was a 'fisty fight' on the playground. When I asked Dawson about it he looked at me like I had 3 heads -so I don't know the real full story. Made me feel sad for him that he didn't make any new friends. He seemed really sad after school and that is SO not like him. He is a nurturer and if anyone was feeling left out, he is the kid that tries his best to make them feel included. It hurts me to think that he is that odd kid out and nobody is helping him feel 'welcome'. Hopefully he'll have a good weekend and be a bit better rested for Monday morning.
After school we went searching for a place downtown we drove from the central/east to the next city and then turned around and drove ALL the way back and then to the west end and STILL never found the place. We are wanting to get some new doors.
I am tired, have a wee bit of a headache {what else is new?} and do NOT want to sucomb! I want to create... I want to have my friend here to hang with me and keep me company. :sigh:
oh and I got my hair cut last night, just a big trim. Should have been streaked again but I need to cut back $$ on a few things.

First day of SK!

wondering what on earth SK is? {senior kindergarten} ;)
Today Dawson started his first day at his new school.
At first he said he was not 'essited' [excited] and was not getting dressed [uniform] and was NOT going!

I kept my composure and did NOT give into the arguing game. I told him very clearly that he infact WAS going and he had the choice to get his clothes on or he'd be going in his underwear! -needless to say, he got dressed. It was really cool that we got to walk him, he and Ally held hands and I got some pictures -not sure how they're going to look tho the stupid macro got left on.

Anyway, so today has been a pretty laid back day -aahhhh.... Ally and I have just been hanging out in the basement "playing" and keeping cool.