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Monday, October 29, 2007

time for a trip to the dentist?

I know that we are overdue for a visit/check-up but I didn't realize it was THIS bad!!! I just love the drool on Ally's chin -what a nut! ;)
All 4 of us are feeling under the weather. Steve still went to work and Dawson seems to get along quite well while taking some tylenol so we'll play it by ear if he's going to school tomorrow. Ally is just a walking slimeball. ew! I'm mostly fine -just tired- ;) with the odd titch of ick!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have something TOTALLY zany to tell you!!! :D

k, so I'm not exactly the kinda person that gushes about ~popular~ people and have always said "I could be sitting right beside somebody and not even know it" ....well today I TOAD-ally proved this! {S} make sure you're sitting down ;)
So I went to the creativ sewing festival in Toronto today with my mom. Neither of us has ever been before and so it was fun to get out. Of course I ended up with a blinkin' headache AGAIN! :( :sob:
...but before that I got to try out some fun techniques -of course stuff that I have seen before but never bothered to try -now I have reason to bust out my stash to break it in.
k, so my house is OUT OF CONTROL right this nitpickin' minute my head feels like a ton of bricks :wah:
I'll just cut to the point. I met Em today!!!! :D I was sitting beside her and her adorable little piggy-tailed daughter {of course didn't even know it!} :blush: once I figured her out -I was TOTALLY ess-cited!!! ;)
Emily is THE QUEEN BELLA!!!!! I of course wanted her 'autograph' and she declined -her words- "why would anyone want *MY* autograph, I change diapers with these hands!" LoL ;)
I also met Catherine and got an autographed Simply Cards today book, as well as the new copy of Scrapbook & Cards Today. Catherine is also an AMAZING woman! I'm so happy that I was able to talk to her and she was very encouraging. :)

So I wish I could gush more ~and I could~ but the ol' dh is kinda fed up with kid-duty and they are still up at 9:30pm here :grin:

til tomorrow - over'n out! :D

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

on a happier note :)

Ally has been working feverishly with our budgie 'Dusty'. She calls her 'DUT-ty' and tells everyone 'MINE!' The bird has tolerated her and altho' she is sorta bitey she really doesn't seem to mind Ally.

need to get the rambling out

I don't know *WHY* I'm feeling this way... I swear it's not on purpose. I feel pretty out of control with my thoughts/feelings at times and after thinking and (trying to) rationalize I can see from the 'other' side -but it's SO FRUSTRATING!
what on earth am I rambling about now?
Well. I feel like I've been over exherting to try and get caught up on stuff around here... I want to come up with a simple routine that say on Monday - do 'x' loads of laundry, Tuesday -bake something, Wednesday -another x loads of laundry, Thursday -vacuum/dust, Friday -whatever is left! hopefully nothing. It just seems that I am swimming up niagara falls, and the part that is SO frustrating is that it really seems like my dh doesn't even care. BUT! here's the quirky part -he does probably care. I just don't think that we are on the same boat tho.. UGH!!!!!!!!
I've talked to him until I verbally can say NO MORE! He just doesn't get it. I have actually let the laundry run out! -LITERALLY! I have made darn sure he has ZERO socks and underwear.... and have NOT picked up his laundry that is all over the floor. STill... nothing. Just comments "hmm, wonder where all my socks are?" {insert look} is this guy for REAL? I mean he KNOWS how to do everything -and if he doesn't only know how to run everything he can probably fix it too. He has told me that *my* number 1 priority is to raise our children. I'm just stumped. I just don't know what to do next... I haven't even dibbled on the fact that I haven't been feeling great. :sigh:

Told ya I was rambly.

Monday, October 22, 2007

ahh, the weather is delightful!

thank goodness it warmed up a bit, man, I can't believe we had the furnace on already! Although last year we had the woodstove going but I think we had snow already too!?!

I actually don't really have much to say right now -I might blog again later ;)

~Tina, no I didn't buy a bind it machine -YET! but I think I want one :P

Ok... the day is now *mostly* over... I have made and baked 1 loaf of banana bread that is SUPER yummy!
3 apple pies and 2 apple crisps :)
I'm kinda feeling tired out. I had hoped to go and visit with my g'ma today and potentially tackle the basement in re-organizing my "space"... not to mention the other 1/2 of the laundry -I am about 8 loads DONE and 6/7 to go! ~ugh! and not to mention ~ZERO~ help.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

newest album creation

As much as many do NOT want to think about it *yet* Christmas is ~only~
70 days away! :P

Saturday, October 13, 2007

knock knock...

Anyone out there? ~ been awfully quiet round here...

I think I am ok! I'm still really tired and c-c-c-cold! but with the drop in temperature overnight it seems, I find it takes a while to get use to. :)

I got a crocheted poncho nearly finished (with help from my neighbour ~thanks Karen!) for Ally. Now I started a little doll for Ally. I find crocheting is a pretty mindless thing to do... perfect while watching tv.

I'll post some pictures....soon! ;)

Friday, October 12, 2007

hit by the flu bus?

I hope I'm just adjusting to the bitter weather -but man I feel lousy!

I have GOBS of stuff I should be doing, few things I want to do and I FEEL like doing nothing! darn germs...


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a little of this... a LOT of THAT!

We had a very busy turkey-weekend! We had a full course turkey dinner on Friday evening at my mom's, then we had friends that we don't see often enough on Saturday we made homemade pizza :) then we went to Steve's parents on Sunday for a full course chicken dinner, Monday we stayed home! well... kinda ~ Steve went out with the neighbour for a short motorcycle ride to the devil's punch bowl. [where some lady mentioned that: "you'd only bring someone you love to this place"] gave Steve and Ken a chuckle! ;)
I was able to get my garden planned out, dug and planted :) Still need to trim the 3 hedges in the front and do the pond thing {in the spring} I think we're going to put rocks along for a border... I just *heart* gardening!!!
hmm... what else?
oh, I finished the halloween invites and next in line is cards for a swap, then Christmas tags (for a swap) then the baby shower invites and then the holiday ATC's ....sheesh! talk about biting it off eh? ;) not to mention there is probably more that I'm forgetting too...
I still have 20lbs of apples to deal with. I hope to delve into that soon! At least get them peeled and cut maybe I'll just freeze them.
nothing much else goin on...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

~one other thing!

why does blogger STRETCH posts out with INSANE amount of blank space? -it's annoying me and everytime I try editing it makes it worse.
I forgot that I have another set of cards to show ya ;)

want a dog?

I'm ready to strangle her ~she is driving me nuts tonight. And to top that off it's hot in the house, there is a 5 lb fly buzzing around my head the kids went to bed only about an hour ago... I'm tired.

so here is a picture the livingroom floor ignore the rest of the crappy picture I only took it to show you the floor :P

...and this one is a picture that I bought of the genre I want to take on in the kitchen/diningroom. Only the border strip I'm thinking I don't like -I don't really care for wallpaper but this did kinda catch my attention at the home depot one evening while I wandered around in circles while waiting for Steve :P anyway -I'm thinking sort of parisian-bakery but with a coffee twist ;) here's a pic of the picture

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


why, why, why? -why do I expect anything different?

I have, or should I say HAD intentions of seeing about a part time job -just a few hours in the evenings, maybe some weekends... a chance to get out and socialize with other adults, to make a bit of money and maybe learn a thing or two. I sort of feel like it's just not my calling. My husband as darling as he is -point blank told me, I can ONLY work when he is home because raising our kids is my first priority. In a sense I'm extremely relieved and happy that he thinks/feels that way. But I also sort of want to do a little something else... I am being a bit picky tho' and want to only do something that I would enjoy. He's really making me think -and the Lord only knows what THAT means! ;)

so the job thing... might be on hiatus...whatever!

I took the kids out on monday to go apple picking. We met up with one of my 2nd cousins and her hubby and their daughter. We had a GREAT afternoon!!! Dawson, Ally and I picked 30 pounds of apples! So far I have peeled and cut up 10 lbs. I made a batch of sauce and am hoping to make pies... I better get the dough on the go! mmmmmm!

here are a couple of my favorite pictures, it was hard to narrow them down -only took 105