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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I wonder why it was started to say "happy" halloween? what's so .:Happy:. about it?

it's a crappy raining day ...I'm NOT looking forward to taking the kids out tricker treatin' I think we're going to cut back this year... WAY back. We're just going to go to a few houses and that'll be good enough! Dawson needs candy like a hole in the head... and it's usually still linger the following year... pathetic!

I think we're going to carve our pumpkins and I want to get lots of pictures this year.

not much going on....

Oh! one thing, and laugh all you want ...I don't care!
I was SUPER positive that I had won $50k yesterday, I've been collecting the game pieces from McD's and I couldn't have been MORE sure that I had the one 'missing' piece for the 50k of course I was wrong... but it sure kept me in suspense all day ;)

I got some pictures in the mail today.. I'm on a WANT to scrapbook high now! :D

Sunday, October 29, 2006

good weekend!

Can you believe it? We had a good weekend! I had a rotten crappy Friday that started to get better as the day progressed. Steve and I had an evening to ourselves -the first in FOREVER!- it was awesome!

nothing much else going on worth writing about...

oh, Dawson is getting a new bus driver :( we really like Shelly and we're going to miss her!
I hope that the transition to the new driver will be good, my boy does NOT like change.

The time change has thrown me a curve ball... but we had the kids both in bed and asleep at 7:30!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

so I've been thinking....

EEEEK!! yup, I've been thinkin again. Seems that the houses in this 'general' area are no less than $200k and that is WAY beyond what we can afford.. So thinking back to the one place we seen (actually the first place) I am thinking of the ways we could make it a place that we could comfortably live. I totally think there are some possibilities... of course I just KNOW that Steve is going to totally ixnay them tho!

So we had a little "discussion" last night -interesting to say the least... I brought up the idea of going away for a couple days and well, yah, that likely isn't going to happen ~but if I didn't have dreams I'd have nothing :P Thurs. (day before payday) a case of beer comes home... Sat. night a second case of beer comes home... Wed. night a six pack of beer comes home. {that's $60 in 1 week on beer!} and can you believe he actually *thinks* he ~ONLY~ spends about $100 a month on beer???? then he looks to ME when we're broke?? HELLO??? [sigh] whatever!

my mom mentioned coming today for a visit, but I have yet to hear from her... so ?? not sure!

Kim dropped by and had something fun to tell me!!!! {{{HUGS}}} and Todd is a piLL! :P
Oh.. Kim -remind me to talk about a business proposition... shh!!

my neck is STILL killing... I'm thinking a massage is going to be in my near future!

k, that's all my ramblings ~for now!
Who knows, I could go on ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day!: D

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

it's a gorgeous day ~outside!

I sure wish that the kids were both feeling better. Dawson is fine but it's a bit windy [imo] for Ally to be out for a walk. She has a yucky nose etc. I think I'll just keep her in and I'm trying to get her to EAT/DRINK/REST as much as possible!

The idea crossed my mind to go shopping today to get Dawson his halloween costume, but I decided that it would probably just make Ally and I feel worse than we already do!

I have been working my fingers into a frenzy! It's been fun to make bears again.. especially when they are WANTED bears... not just "to thrill my soul". When this most recent one is finished I'll post pictures of the 5 of them together. Dawson has been pestering me like crazy. He goes to school tomorrow and it'll be a MUCH needed break for both of us ;) ~I love my boy, but somedays I just need a break!

I'm looking forward to an online-cyber crop this weekend...I'm not sure how much time I'll have to dedicate to all the layouts, but I do have scrapbooking planned for ALL day on Saturday and I plan to get right to it! :D they are also going to host a progressive bingo game.
here's the site if you are interested: http://allamericanscrapbookco.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=56

Abby is here again... I think she must love me :D at least having her here is a nice way of having a german shepherd around ...and inexpensive too!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

just living life...

nothing too exciting these days...

Daws is still 'barkin' it's honestly driving me batty!! Ally is becoming more and more adventurous on her feet, I just LOVE to sit and watch her. Even on days like today, where she had me up about 85% of the night and I just want to disappear into my pillow I just look at her and everything is better...

Steve and I well... nothing has really changed -this beer crap has been going on for years. But I think it's affecting me more right now b/c I *thought* we were going to be more seriously saving our extra .02ยข ~whatever.... I'm just tired of it all and one day I guess I'll just end up SNAPPING!

Ally has cute little piggy sticks today ;)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

you bring the cheese!

I'll provide the whine...

Not really just need to bitch for a spell, you can just ignore if ya want ;)

So we are still in the house/land hunting mode (or so I thought) I don't really know what the heck Steve is thinking these days -to be honest I'm not sure I WANT to know! ~sigh~ We need to start saving money. That's a given, who doesn't need to save money? well, imo, BEER is a waste of money. I have for the most part put on the brakes for ALL spending -except necessitites or the odd 'prize' from the freakin' DOLLAR store! So I mentioned that it would probably be best if he was to cut back on beer to just buying a case (24) on payday. Friday just past was payday -he came home with a case on Thurs. I did comment -it's not payday- he said, "I know, but I won't have to stop tomorrow night" -o.k- whatever... So, yesterday I was just biting at the bit to go scrapbook and have some much needed ME time... but I didn't go b/c I felt guilty that I'd be leaving him home with the kids blah blah blah. We actually had them both in bed at 8pm -a miracle!!! I mentioned that I was bored and REALLY wasn't interested in just watching tv... HINT HINT let's DO something? play cards... something? nope.
So 8:30 comes around and suddenly he feels the need to take some empties back... 8:45 still hasn't left yet... FINALLY he relizes that the store is about to close (@ 9) and scrambles up there. Comes home a good hour later (the store is a 5 min. or less drive!) ok, no big deal he stopped at Wiffer's for a bit -visited with brother and sil... After he got back home I was STILL not in a comatose -tv watching- mood. But I pried myself away from the computer and decided to just sit with him... Low and behold with a beer in hand {WHATEVER!} but I looked again and noticed it was with a different label than the case he bought on Thurs. I didn't see him bring a case of beer into the house... and he has to walk right by me to come in. He obviously KNOWS that I'd be kinda disgruntled to see yet another case of beer (yes this is 2 in 3 days) b/c I think he left it outside and "snuck" it in via the back room mini-door. {{HELLO???}}
ok, so ya I'm PISSED off... but I think it's b/c I was under the implication we are SAVING money for a house... not for EXTRA BEER?????? F#%K!

I am honestly just stumped! I could just go and DO so many things that would totally jack us right up... but I have my head on straight! I know that stupidity doesn't ever get anyone ahead. Right now, he should be home and I know that he is going to want to go and work on the car... I am planning to go out for a while. I'm DESPARATELY needing some time away from our kidlets ~whom...Dawson is ill I think with bronchitis and is missing a birthday party :( And Ally is sleeping and has lately become a little anti-shopper~

I just feel zoned... I really could use some time to do stuff that will help to lift me. And I just don't know what to do about our relationship right now. Our anniversary is coming up and I want to plan to do something a little bit special... only b/c we haven't really done anything since our 1st anni. and this is our 7th. (and can you believe it's also our 13th anni. of our first date?!)
Of course I keep thinking that saving money for a house is the best gift we could give one another but I think we need some time alone together to remind ourselves WHY we want to buy a house.

ok, gripe over :P

Saturday, October 21, 2006

nothing goin' on

I'm tired. I think the stress of this week is catching up with me. Dawson has a sniffly cold/cough ~bleh!

I just finished another bear {{yah!!}} Now the stooooopid camera won't work... argh, it's always something eh?


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prayers worked!

Not exactly the way you might think, but they worked!!

There aren't a lot of people that can be truly thankful for "unanswered" prayers, but I can atest that I am one of those few people. Steve and I went to the bank this am and found out that it will not put us in a comfortable financial spot to take on such a mortgage. I felt like I was exhausting the Lord of my praying for the answer... the answer was simple tho, NO. Why do you ask that I am fine with this? well, b/c it makes me feel at peace. I'm thankful that we aren't getting into something that we can't afford. I'm thankful that my hubby cares about us {family} SO much that he annoys me to NO end with thinking WAY TOO MUCH! I'm just incredibly thankful that we know all this and we didn't end up in a bind.

Now, we just need to regrip and move onto our next plan :) ~don't ask... LoL

{{{{hugs}}}} Shannon, I'm SO happy that you're home... get lots of rest!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ok, I'm NOT giving up! :P

So we have an appt. tomorrow morning with our banker. She is going to give us the low down. Right now, this is where we're at: we need a mortgage! The house we're wanting needs a new septic and larger cistern, we need to be able to somehow incorporate these expenses into our mortgage. If that's not a possibility, we're not going to be putting in an offer. And that is that... we'll be continuing the house hunting... PLEASE pray that everything will work in our favor...SOMEHOW!!

IF we get the financial part sorted out, then we're on our way to put an offer on our first house!!

I give up!

well, that's what I keep trying to convince myself! I'm stressed out to the gills (my zodiac sign IS a fish) I am trying to figure out what is the "right" thing to do and I have come to the thought that I just need to tell Steve my feelings, pray to God and then let whatever is going to happen, just HAPPEN! Easy right? WRONG! I keep trying to just let go and LET GOD and I keep finding that I'm compelled to wanting to hang on to this. I think it's b/c I just know Steve SO well that if I wasn't ~bugging~ him we'd be here until the day we HAVE TO GET OUT! {sob}

I'm SO beyond frustrated. I don't feel like I am being heard at ALL and Steve even had a put down for me last night he's so NICE. He said (infront of his mom to boot) "if it was a decision for me to make we'd be buying a house we couldn't afford and be up to our neck in debt".
I think he's lucky his mom WAS here. I was really hurt by his words but I think I'm even MORE frustrated by his lack of action. A friend told me today a very fitting phrase ~he needs to shit or get off the pot!~

I just want to crawl into a hole.

Monday, October 16, 2006

no news yet ...

I found out that I didn't make the scrapbook design team on the forum that I frequent daily.. I'm not really surprised :P {congrats to those who did tho}

Still no news regarding the house... hopefully we'll know soon how much of an offer we can give, and prayerfully it'll be enough that we can get the one I'm hoping for. If not I will really be leaning on God to help me get over it... it's THAT perfect!

I'm steadily working on bears, I don't think I've ever had such stamina to work on them ~day and night, and I'm ACTUALLY enjoying it! even the raw and bleeding fingers :P LOL

Dawson "christened" the school today... he was eating too much too fast and barfed! I don't know if he'll EVER learn.

nothing else really 'new' ...my neck is still a JAR!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

MORE bEaRs...

I got another bear finished, and thought I'd share them :)

Any orders are WELCOME... still lots of time for Christmas.

$10/inch min. 3" max. 6" [mohair bears $10 extra]

my neck is a JAR!

well, just when I thought it was feeling better... ARGH! I was hardly in any pain this afternoon -it was GREAT. Then shortly after we got home.. WAM! the pain is still lingering ~I just BETchya it's stress related.

Anyway, this afternoon we were invited over to our friend's house for their son's 8th bday {happy bday Ricky!!} We had a REALLY enjoyable time. You know that feeling when you feel obligated to go places... well, it wasn't like that at all! We all came home and felt like we had a great day! :)
We really need to do things like this more often.. thanks Kim & Todd :D

Dawson has school tomorrow, and I think Ally and I might work on laundry ~bleh! and cleaning the house up.. double BLEH!

Sending prayers and hugs to Shannon... I sure hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

thinking out loud

I am in MAJOR neck pain... It actually is feeling like a pulled muscle, do you even HAVE muscles in your neck? -duh moment-

I am SO pumped about this house... I wanted to BOP Steve. I just feel like he's throwing the chicken wing out there and everytime I try to grab it he pulls it away. It's incredibly frustrating. I want this to be THE ONE, I want it bad!

I'm going to make a call... I need a job! I need to make money too. sigh... I wonder about being the before and after [preferably AFTER] school sitter?

OH, a gorgeous blue jay just landed out the window... make that 3. I have always associated Jays with good luck... I've seen them multiple times today, probably just coincidence :P

Friday, October 13, 2006

found a house

Well, we found a house!! :D Not saying that we are BUYING the house *yet* but I am totally pysched!! There is only 1 super duper minor thing 'wrong' but it's fixable and NOT a major issue -the one bedroom, at one time was 2, they opened the wall etc. and we'll be needing to convert it back to the original 2 that it was. Altho' it sounds "major" really it's not. It's funny b/c the one place I was totally NOT wanting to even SEE is the place I want!! ~figures eh? ;)

so I'll totally keep ya posted... PLEASE pray for us!! we NEEEEEEEEEED this house!!!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{[[happy dance}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]

fUnKy fRiDaY

Well, it was brought to my attention this morning by one of my most dedicated blog readers, that I'm having a SLOW week. Yup, she's right ;) I am. It's FINALLY FRIDAY!! wooohooo, I *heart* fridays!!

Man it is so windy outside I'm almost scared! and cold brrr... it's a whopping 3*C.
{teeth chattering} I think I'm going to go get Ally up out of bed before the upstairs of the house blows away.

~I'll blog more as the day goes on~

I'm bored! an online friend shared a wicked cool 'leaf-rose' idea I'm going to give it a whirl. I think we're just staying home now today... SIGH! I hate dragging the kiddo's out on a GOOD weather day let alone a CRAPPY one.

well, it was just WAY too dang cold to lurk around outside for any great length of time. So I didn't try the leaf-roses... but I do plan to! And I will post a picture of how they turn out.

Steve and I are going to see 2 more places this evening I'm excited about the one place, the other -eh...

I found out that my friend is pretty well a new home owner!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!! I can't wait to feel that same thrill. I also want to extend a get well wish to her for to be feeling better SOON!!! {{hugs}}

My neck is hurting like a [sunovagun] Steve's bringing home some ibuprofen we're out. Wow, my life sure isn't very exciting is it? but it must be better than whatever YOU have to do... YOU are the one reading this jibberish! :P LoL
I've been working on a bear today..it's turning out AWESOME! I didn't go out for errands as I had wanted to, so hopefully tomorrow maybe I can slip out without the fam-damily ~fingers crossed!
guess that's all I have to say... if it's worth my efforts I'll post about the houses later.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

it's SNOWING!!!

yippeee!!! I don't remember it snowing this early in the season in a LONG time. The earliest I recall was Oct. 31st and that would have been 12 years ago?! We've been doing the house hunting thing and it's funny in a way b/c when I found out that I was pg. with Ally I heard that one of my friends was also pg. and now another friend is also up to her neck in house hunting too.. only she's getting a lot closer than we are to buying!!

I'm feeling kinda lazy today ~I know what else is new? :P

I think I'm going to take Dawson out for lunch tomorrow -McDonald's has monopoly on right now, and hey, why not?

Gotta run -nothing to say, and I'm missing some incredible photo ops!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

not just words!

What better a place to get some of my frustrations out...right?
Something that drives me ABSOLUTELY insane, is when you hear people use phrases like "oh my G-d" or "Jesus Christ" when they are taken in vain. It's absolutely heartbreaking, yet on the radio and on tv you hear it constantly... and they bleep or fade out words like "son of a bitch" or "asshole" or others along that line. I really just don't GET IT! I think that if society won't accept cursing words than words that are Godly should be treated equally.

I wish that there was somehow that it could be made known that there ARE some words that are just NOT meant to be used vulgarly.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I just wanted to share what makes my world a happy place :)

Dawson made that apple turkey at school -then he ate it!

pissy pants :P

yup, that's me! I'm cranky... Sometimes I just hate talking to people, when I have nothing to say and whoever calls has nothing to say -WHY do they call me??? I'm a total bitch that way and I just hate it when people seem to want to argue with me. ~UGH~

ok, so we went and seen another house, it's dirty, and TOTALLY not for us, even the neighbours were outside, with their music blaring and screaming and hollering -yikes! I guess we're still in the hunting. I just pray that the right thing comes along for us.

I'm tired, but at that tiredness that you can't sleep. It is still early... I just relized that I missed last night's episode of "Prison Break" -darn! I can hear something on the roof, pitter patter... wonder if it's a squirrel or a coon?

sigh... maybe I'll go do something ...else?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

sure am glad THAT's over!

man! I'm beat... Steve took a nap today but I'm going to bed early tonight. I'm SO happy to be able to sew my bears again without stress ;)

the second half

well, thankfully I ended up getting my mom and Ed to come out early... I was able to leave the kids at home, and by the sounds of things, they had a GREAT time! :) That's always so reassuring. I love it when they babysit!! It makes things a lot easier when the kids are in the comfort of their home and familiar surroundings.

So I don't drink much... {at all} and tonight I decided to let loose... I think I drank 1/2 a bottle or more of wine ~I don't even LIKE wine~ but it was good, strawberry zinfindel. Then I went to my ol' reliable rye and pepsi.. I started feeling a bit loopy, but for some reason that "fun" disappear. Weird but I don't even feel drunk. sucks!

Steve is reading over my shoulder... he's drunk :P I got a LOT of compliments on my outfit, I *VERY* proudly BOASTED that I made my top and bought my skirt at the second store :D

the speeches were ok, funny and short. Steve and John did good. I think it kinda got to their head's when people kept telling them how GREAT they were... MEN! :P
I was pretty hurt that I was left out of the day but hey, why does it matter, I'm just glad it's all over now.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I don't know...

I just don't know if I want to laugh, scream or cry. I am really feeling left out of this entire family right now. I busted my ass to get everyone and everything "just so" right up til the minute we were walking out the door. I didn't even have my hair done up or make-up on :( Steve was complimenting me and I wanted to crawl into a hole :( I am so hurt by all the crap that has gone on... more like NOT gone on for us. My most wonderful hairdresser knows how broke we are and came and did my hair up for me as we were just picking the key for the church building up at mil's. Steve seems pretty pissed off that I took her up on the free offer... I'll have to make her a little something, it was just WAY too kind of her :) I got many compliments on my "dress" I guess it turned out alright (yah!!) I got walked down the aisle by a guy that is my bil's friend -that I use to have a MAD-DOG crush on- LOL {drool}
So my kids were the only 2 invited to the wedding, they were alright before the ceremony, then Ally decided that thru' the entire 10min. ceremony she was going to be vocal ...bugger! then was good as gold again right afterwards. Dawson was being annoying but I guess that shouldn't surprise me at this point!
I have such mixed emotions... I feel really hurt that while everyone involved in the wedding is having pictures taken I feel like I'm not a part of the family at ALL! Here am at home with the kids and the only pictures that were taken of the kids and/or I are of whatever family snapped of us. There isn't a single picture -and there won't be of us all dressed up as a family. There won't be a picture of Dawson and Ally with Uncle Dave or Aunt Jenn... It might sound like no big deal to some people but I'm a very sentimental person and not to mention a scrapbooker. These moments are once in a life time moments and they are now gone! It just breaks my heart that I feel SO left out. Daws and Ally both are going to stay home now while I return for the reception. AND! if I wasn't feeling lowly enough I come to find out that the table we are at for the supper is going to be just Steve and I now... great huh? sigh... I just want today to be OVER! :(
Dave looked pretty nervous today, but Jenn seemed quite at ease. They both looks fabulous. But again... I had no camera and my hands full so I have not 1 single picture of this occassion.

I hope the food is good!

Friday, October 06, 2006

last minute lucy

yup... that's me. I have just done as much as my fingers and eyes will allow for sewing tonight. I'm BEAT! I am a bit upset with Steve, I know you're probably wondering 'when am I not?' ...I hate that when he goes out and does things without the kids -it means quite literally WITHOUT the kids! Even when he is doing things at home that require his full concentration -I don't know how- but he also can totally tune us out. I NEEDED to get my top sewn. The wedding for HIS brother is tomorrow. I had literally today and that was it! I had the kids crawling all over me, made multiple errors, and missed out on the rehearsal last night and the dinner out tonight. It sucked! why should *I* be the one responsible for finding childcare ALL the time? it's not like we ever use a babysitter so I don't even know who to call... -where are the ghostbusters when ya need 'em? sigh...

So anyway, I have to alter the straps a bit at the shoulder as my bra is showing under the arm -and things like that irritate me. I also have to do the hem and I hope that my shoes allow me the height that I need so I don't have to hem the skirt. I have yet to pin and hem Dawson's suite pants and I hope his shoes fit!!

I can't WAIT until SUNDAY when all this wedding shannanigans is OVER! I'm going to bed, before my eyes fall out dry.
I'll have pictures to share on Sunday ;)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

WHAT is wrong with me??

Actually I know full well what is 'wrong'... I'm a woman! therefore I put EVERYONE else before me. I have YET to know what I'm wearing for bil's wedding on saturday. YES the day after tomorrow :P

sigh... I thought that I would be 'ahead' of the game by making my skirt/top... YA right! who was *I* kidding??? Oh, and I just remembered that I need to hem Dawson's pants yet too!

what am I doing on here?? well, Ally is napping.. and I decided that after she wakes up we're going MAMA shopping! :D and hunny, I need it ALL... outfit, shoes, hose, jewellry, something for my hair... the WHOLE SHEBANG! :D

I sort of wish I didn't have to drag Ally along, but at least I don't have both of them to 'drag' along ...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I've been tagged! ~I'm IT!!!

Things you may not have known about me).....
A) Four jobs I have had in my life
1. cashier
2. baker
3. telemarketer
4. MOM

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
1. Walk the Line
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Dirty Dancing
4. Meet the Parents

C) Four places I have lived:
1: Hamilton, ON
2: Burlington, ON
3: Hamilton, ON
4: Selkirk, ON

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
1: Days of our Lives
2: ER
3: CSI -Miami

E) Four places I have been on vacation
1: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2: Cornfields of IL
3: Nova Scotia
4: Prince Edward Is.

F) Websites I visit daily:
1: Scrapbooking.About.Com
2: blogger.com
3: splitcoaststampers.com
4: other scrappin' websites -not daily

G) Four of my favorite foods:
1: ChickenWings -crisp, and saucey
2: Pizza -bacon, pineapple and CHEESE
3: a GOOD roast beef dinner
4: and of course PASTA!! :D

H) Four places I would like to be right now
1: in my bed Sleeping
2: in California hanging out with Shannon :D
3: in my *OWN* home
4: pretty well anywhere WITH my hubby ;)

I) Four friends I am tagging:
1: Kim
2: Roni
3: Daiva
4. Denise

she does this ....thing!

There have been WAY too many 'things' that I haven't been writing about, and I really need to keep up!! I keep thinking that I'll get to it, and never do... and with my seive brain, I *REALLY* need to write this stuff down!

There is this adorable ~thing~ that Ally does while we're cuddling and she's nursing. I can't really explain it very well, but she tucks her wrist under her knee and lets her leg sort of rest and dangle while her hand holds up her leg. Some moments are only going to be a memory in my mind, and that is all good. But I can recall SO many times that I really wish that somebody would just be there to capture these sort of moments on camera. Wouldn't it be SO cool to have a pair of "camera glasses"? Like they do in spy movies? I'd buy them!! :D there are a ton of things that I see that I would just LOVE to have a hard copy of.

Oh, and I also have been laying in bed dreaming up ideas while I saunter off into sleepland... I know this is not such a genius thing, but I know my dad would approve ;) it's about cards... I'm not sure I want to write it on here ...would die if it was a million dollar idea that I didn't get a share on :P

It's another incredibly cRaPPy day! raining/thunder/lightening/windy... bleh!

Oh and our shower is clogged ...so bad Steve is having a difficult time fixing it!
guess I better go start the day! :)
oh, one more thing...
I bought some hot chocolate powder mix... and OMG! I put 2t. in my coffee and a bit of cream... YUuuuuuuuuuuuuM! :D

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

not much going on...

I couldn't decide whether to stay home today or go out and do some errands. I think I should have stayed home, but I ended up going out. I had my day pretty well mapped out and low and behold the first stop put a kabosh into my plans. Who knew the "mountain" Walmart was TOTALLY revamped??? WTH? I was actually MAD! I had planned to just run in and grab the couple things that were on my mental list {Shannon stop laughing!} and leave. I think I was there like 2 hours!!!! ~not happy, and left with only 1 or 2 things that I planned to get, and 430972093498723407092986 things I didn't plan to get.

The weather sucked today...rainy, warm and just crappy out. TOTALLY not my idea of a fabulous fall day.

I'm ZOMBIE tired tonight... think I might even go to bed EARLY :O

Monday, October 02, 2006

a day for ramblings

have you ever had a Kool-Aid Jammer? when you put the straw in it reminds me of when you have to get an intravenous needle.

the kitchen is FINALLY clean again.. ugh! I hate it when you don't do the dishes for one day and then it just all goes to hell. Last night I decided that I was going to clean the kitchen right after my first cuppa java, and I did! :) yah ME!!!

so yesterday we moved pretty well all of the scrapbooking/stamping stuff to my inlaws. Where I was able to set it all up very neat and orderly. It almost looks like a store :P LOL I know that some of you are thinking OMG~how can you live with your supplies at somebody else's place?? but realistically I have never really been able to do much here at home anyway. A single layout takes me a week! I usually have one if not both kids whining at me, crawling on me or just want/needing me. So now when I want to scrap/stamp I have absolute peace! :D So I am in the midst of trying to tidy/organize this sun room, shouldn't be too hard now.. there's SO much more space ;)

Oh, and the wedding (brother in law) is this coming Saturday *Oct. 7* I kinda can't wait til it's over! I am kinda hurt by a few things that have gone on, but ~whatever!